We were honored recently to host internationally licensed dressage trainer, Geoff Butler here for a clinic at the farm. Geoff is a great person, talented rider/trainer and a great sales agent based in Holland. Considering it is December, the weather was surprisingly coorperative. Everyone that rode with Geoff this time around is looking forward riding with him again in June when he returns!

What a welcoming sign the night before the clinic. A beautiful sunset across the arena…

For those of you that might not be familiar with Geoff, here’s his bio…

My name’s Geoff Butler and I’m an Australian dressage rider and trainer that has been based in Europe for the last 11 years. Seven of those years were spent working full time in the stable of Anky van Grunsven and Sjef Janssen in Holland. During this time I learned a huge amount in regards to the training and management of sport horses and riders.

I’ve also been fortunate to have worked and trained with other successful riders here in Europe such as Wim Verwimp, International Grand Prix rider and trainer from Belgium and Ferdi Eilberg, a renowned German trainer based in the UK. Currently I’m training with Nicole Werner who is also the trainer of Edward Gal.

In Australia one of my biggest influences was Richard Weis. Richard Weis applies the Alexander Technique to riding. The Alexander Technique is a method that teaches people body awareness, and how do use their bodies in the most efficient and balanced way. I studied this method full time at the Melbourne Alexander Technique school.

For the last year I have been successfully running my own company called Unique Sport Horses www.uniquesporthorses.com. My work within the company consists of training and competing horses ranging from youngsters up until FEI level, training motivated riders of all different levels and horse sales.

I am a qualified riding instructor having attained my International Trainers license here in Holland and I enjoy teaching riders and horses of all different levels and backgrounds. My own background in horses and riding is quite diverse. As a teenager I rode showjumpers and even did track work with racehorses. I feel that this combined with the experience and insight I’ve gained by working with some of the best and most successful dressage trainers has given me a broad and varied base of knowledge.