Nope this is not going to be a politically driven rant about British Petroleum. It’s going to be short, sweet and to the point. I woke up this morning, sat up and looked at the email on my iPhone. I read this from the awesome inventor of the Shake n’ Fork

“Does the fork in the photo look familiar? It should, its the one you sent back to me with a different basket made for sifting tarballs. According to BP it is the most effective hand tool that has ever been presented to them for collecting tarballs from beaches and they are actually buying them from me. I am down here in Alabama demonstrating it to the contractors in the area and it makes me so proud to see the yellow forks riding in the back of the sand buggies when they go to the beaches in the morning.”

I was SO over-joyed I had tears in my eyes! This amazing inventor of the Shake n’ Fork, Mr. Joesph Berto, had done it! The “most effective hand tool that have even been present to them for collecting tarballs” was just ringing in my ears. To me, this was THE turning point in this whole BP fiasco and the success of Mr. Berto’s invention on another platform, well, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person truly looking for ways to innovate. Not only is the Shake n’ Fork the most effective stall cleaning tool I’ve worked with but now it’s going to help thousands of people and the environment on the Gulf Coast! Awesome! I love win-win situations!

If you want to see the exact same Shake n’ Fork in this picture below actually in action on HorseGirlTV go to and here’s the wonderful picture he attached to the email this morning showing the workers testing it out!

Kudos to someone at BP for finally making a decent decision that really can and will help Gulf Coast residents!