We took some fun photos this morning all dolled up in Draper gear! They sent me these new polos they are launching officially in August and in true Draper style they are pretty hot (or cool as the case may) bringing old school function with high tech fabrics. I thought there’s tons of other folks out there that would like to get their hands on a trial of these polos like I just have so I connected with Kat at Draper about putting together a Tales of the Traveling Polo program.

I’m going to properly wash, roll and re-package these new polos and start a contest to pass them along to someone else so they can have a chance at trying them for a week, snapping some fun photos of themselves using the polos, provide feedback to Draper and then pass them along. For participating in the Tale of the Traveling Polo program participants will be given a discount on draperequinetherapy.com products. Win-win!

Now I’m not 100% on all this as I just mentioned it to Draper but I  think they love the idea and I’ll go forward with a contest ASAP. How’s that! Let your horse walk a mile in Carrara’s shoes so to speak trying out these same polos. Nice! Here’s some pictures of us from this morning and you can check them out online at draperequinetherapy.com!

Wrapping. Easy to put on with the nice Draper Holofiber as the base!

Heading out to the arena to try them out…

Checking the tack…

Trotting. Nice bend and flexing! WOW Carrara has a NICE hind leg and the fronts aren’t anything to shake a stick at. Fab trot!

A fun gallop is always nice too!

Thanks Lyndsay. You have magic fingers with the click of the cam!