Are you late for a very important date? Well, I showed up well in time for a charity luncheon tea themed party. Each table held a theme and I was invited to the Alice in Wonderland theme. I guess she couldn’t get anyone else to dress up as the White Rabbit so I was let in on the gig. Of course I jumped at the chance to dress up like a bunny and sit with a group of ladies at a fairly tale designed table. Janice, the host of our table, did an amazing job putting the design together and each of the participants were great! I didn’t get a group picture emailed to me yet but this is one of me just before the event started. We had the Queen of Hearts, Alice (of course!), Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee and Dum and the White Rabbit too.

The food was great. The conversation at our table oh too fun and it was really nice that proceeds from this clubs events go to high school scholarships in the local area!

Oh check out the vest from and of course I’m wearing white breeches and a riding scarf so a bit of horsey got into the rabbit costume!