A local stable called Blossom Ferry Farm (http://blossomferryfarm.com/) offered a Fix-A-Test recently and I drove out to meet some of the locals as well as watch Tanya and Fidge go. It was a bit of a trek to get there but well worth it meeting several nice dressage folks! Tanya and Fidge were super as shown by a few pictures I snapped with my trusty iPhone.


Here’s Tanya getting a few notes from the Fix-A-Test judge Susie.


No DQ (or Kings) here! I was met with big smiles and even handed a cooler with something to put in it! Wow! These folks roll the way I like to enjoy a horsey afternoon, mellow and without pretension! The owner of Blossom Ferry, Paige, actually gave me 2 of the coolers which I proudly brought home and look forward to enjoying outdoors as the weather warms up!


It was such a great time and I look forward to getting out and meeting more local soon!