I was just realizing I actually have two offices! Wow! Most people only have one. Here’s the view of one of my offices from the other office. I was just out there working the adorable gelding from the ground (officially un-named still as I’m still waiting to receive his papers). He was a rockstar with his ground work today and as soon as the weather permits several consecutive days of ground work, I’ll back him (of course as long as there’s supervision from the ground, haha!). I do think he’ll be a sweetie-pie tho as he’s really got his voice commands down after only 1.5 weeks and maybe 6 times working with me so far.


I can’t wait for Edwin with Attwood Equestrian Surfaces to come down for an interview so we can move forward with turning our little arena into a fancy dressage court! Check them out if you haven’t heard of them as they have the leading footing products in the states as far as I know! They are at http://equestriansurfaces.com/ and both Edwin and Nick are AWESOME!

Okey, I have to get back to training now as this over 40F weather is stellar and Miss C is probably feeling neglected now that the gelding had all the attention today so far. I hope the weather is a fabulous where you all are at!