Ex started this project while I was over training with Anky. He prepped a 12×12 frame around an existing round slab of concrete with a drain and the plan to add a bit more to the concrete pad and the back posts as a cross tie area. It’s evolved a bit more and he came up with the neat idea of lining the sides with brick so we save the amount of additional concrete we’ll need to add. I suggested moving the 6 mats to take up a 8 foot by 12 area thus saving us two mats. You’ll get the general idea with this picture. I like the red bricks matching the red roof on the stable with the black mats matching as well. It should be quite nice when phase 1 is complete! Phase 2 is building a three sided shelter around it so the farrier and vet have a station apart from the stable that’s covered, flat, and dry to work in!