It’s the little things they say that make all the difference. I daily admire the craftsmanship of J&N Structures as I walk out to in the brisk mornings to feed but it was cheese and coffee that made my day this time! It was a normal morning of walking out at 7 to feed and muck stalls but during my mid morning preps the USPS country vehicle pulled up to the gate and honked bringing what I thought was my moms homemade nut cake surprise. Instead a box from J&N Structures and I was baffled. I thought perhaps they were sending some additional hinges or something I’d forgotten we talked about from last March BUT I opened the box to find shredded red and white confetti covering a bounty of ALL NATURAL cheeses!!! They all said “Made in Lancaster County” so it’s my guess they were made in truly all natural Amish processes and that is what made my day! In the light of all our recent talking of how we can work to make our little farm self sustained using wind and solar power, getting hens that will actually lay, perhaps an annual pig or goat (or perhaps a buffalo?) and really getting to this “off the grid” that is growing in popular talks with our mainstream society, it’s the original “off the grid” folks that remind me on Christmas eve the importance of simple, self sustained, all natural living.

Now this is not to negate any of our other amazing sponsors in any way. It was just so neat to receive cheese from Jake and the folks at J&N!

Here’s a couple pictures of the bounty!



If you have a second, check out their webisode online at and if you’re in need of a barn (shredrow or even complete alley barn!!), a chicken coop, or an amazingly crafted garage or shop check them out online at!

Happy Christmas and Winter Solstice (or whatever holiday you might celebrate this time of year)!