Carrara was released from CEM. She was a champ loading (of course) and so quite all the way back. They asked since it was hailing and sooo cold if I wanted to blanket her in my trailer. Heck no, I don’t want her getting too hot. I’d especially brought my Draper anti-sweat sheet so she’s be not too cold, not too hot but JUST right and when we got back to my stable 4 hours later she was just perfect warm under the Draper anti-sweat! Check them out if you have a sec at Totally awesome people and high tech products that rock! Here’s Carrara in her anti-sweat before walking into the Brenderup horse box to head home!


We hit a bit of hail but other than this little spurt it was a beautiful, chilly day!


Carrara wasn’t the only one that was a quiet traveler. Picollo was just being a horrible co-pilot and I had to grab this picture of him zonked out in his carrier in the passenger seat. Do note his nose is pressed hard up again the edge and his front teeth exposed. Too cute!