So it didn’t take long for me to embrace the commercialism of the holidays. I made a pumpkin pie and we bought a Christmas tree. Now the pumpkin pie? Well I didn’t have a pie plate so improvised with a skillet. I think this could be a big southern hit “Skillet Pie Cooking With HorseGirlTV” so Martha Stewart has nothing on me! Hah! Thnx for the idea Andrew! And yes, I make my own crusts. I used to have a bakery in Oregon back in the mid 90s!


Next it was on to the Christmas tree. I haven’t had a “real” Christmas tree since my small little one in Madrid in 2004 and Ex and I hadn’t ever had one together just opting for Norfolk pine or some tiny, tiny table model the past couple years. BUT!.. it was our first Christmas at the farm and we needed a hearty country tree. This is what we picked! Oh and we did try a couple of the local nurseries to support our local economy before heading to Lowes.