I absolutely adore Johan and Penny Rockx!! I met them through a friend here in The Netherlands and they are not only world class dressage riders and trainers but they are world class humans that are just so positive and too much fun to be around. They invited me down for a dinner in Essen and I had the great chance to again visit with the Hulsebos’ (yes, of Hulsebos Saddlery) and a wonderful “S” judge from Texas and her partner. The evening was a true delight. The conversation was ever flowing and inventive and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of getting to chat with two other native Texan girls in Belgium! What joy! Outside the restaurant there’s a wagon museum and we were able to walk through and see a few of the wagons used for daily work in Essen. Here’s a few pictures:

Johan and Sue check out a cover placed in what appeared to be a storage moving type wagon.

I thought this was just a beautiful antique wagon wheel.

This was on the side of a fire wagon which simply states it was in service in Essen until 1939!

This was a really long wagon we were assuming was made to maybe transport logs? The one behind it is even more interesting and so long I couldn’t get all of it in the picture.

Here Sue is inspecting a very kewl looking plow we’re guessing was used to turn over fields after harvest.