I’ve had high days where I feel like I’m flying and nothing can bring me down cause I felt so good in my lessons and days where I just wanted to break down and cry (one where I even did). This whole training thing to me is very personal and my days are reflected in my effectiveness during my lessons with Anky. Regardless of whether I feel high or low after my lesson, I always learn something. I always take notes and I always try and do better the next time. This lesson was about, and it’s again and again, simply thinking, asking a little, asking medium and asking lots and not going from nothing to everything. I know in my head that I need to escalate the aids on a scale but my body doesn’t quite get it 100% so I need to work on this. This was reinforced with my lesson today. It was a good one and I gained more knowledge of different techniques.

Here’s a picture of me and Anky with my mare after our lesson. I might not look physically tired but mentally I was worn out! Haha!

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