I went with Anky, Willeke and Whiz last night about 1.5 hours north from Erp to attend/watch/video Anky’s first reining competition. It was so so cute to see the Dutch walking around in western wear with country music piped through the intercom system. There were some really nice horses there and per Dutch style, everyone was very friendly! It was like I was a child back in Texas again in many ways. Here’s some fun photos. This first one was just odd the see the Oregon Trail in The Netherlands!


I took this one for Chris @ Equestrian Collections!DSCN8232

I started having flashbacks of bad handbags from my childhood at this point!DSCN8235

Yep! That’s a dually in The Netherlands!DSCN8237

Getting ready for warming up. I told them both the Texas saying “Wrangler butts drive cowgirls nuts” and got smiles. 🙂DSCN8244

More getting ready.DSCN8249

Practicing the slides before the class starts.IMG_1908

Sliding stop practice. Whiz is really good at these.IMG_1915

Leaving the pen. I’m wondering if they call it a pen or arena over here?IMG_1920

It was a very fun evening overall. I must cut this short now and get ready to depart for my lesson today! So much fun here!

One last thing, here’s a quick vid clip I took with my iPhone.
[flashvideo file=http://blog.horsegirltv.com/movies/anky_rein.flv /]