We had a fun time yesterday with a casual photo shoot for FITS breeches. I really enjoy riding in my FITS and Sheryl was kind enough to send me a brand new pair in black for the shoot! Of course, what would a HorseGirlTV shoot be without something bright in orange, teal or purple and we just finished it off with my favorite ball cap from Devonwood! Just like all my FITS, they are too comfy and I get this deep close contact that really makes working on the FEI moves so much more secure and exact. Plus they are pretty darn stylish too!

It was a pretty North Carolina day with the recent rains really showing up on the green, green grass. Nope this picture is not photoshop enhanced. Not too hot or humid! First, we walk out to the arena. Miss C was super mellow today and a good thing as it was opening day of dove season.

I love this picture of the HorseGirlTV pad!

There were tons of warming up and early on schooling pictures but I thought this schooling pirouette was pretty nice. Working on that inside hind!

It was a great ride with everything coming easy and most everything soft and forward so why not school to the top? Just a few seconds of course! Yes, yes! She can sit and this is with less than 6 months of working with the Dutch system of movement after starting all over from the ground up on her training! Super mare!