The ever abundant, yet often ominous working student position is sometimes a precarious road to travel. It’s a road that could teach you the ins and outs of the horse world, general horse care and even riding. It could establish you for the long term in your community as an equestrian professional or even lead you on a path to the Olympics whether that be riding, judging, coaching, grooming or even the promotional aspects working in media. Let’s be honest here. The horse world is an interesting place to take up residence and is never short on wild tales, huge success or massive failure stories as controversies abound. So what about the young rider or passionate horse person wanting to learn more about the equestrian lifestyle? Whether you’re interested in just learning about horses and how to ride or have aspirations fueled to drive you to the international riders circles, beginning that path as a working student is a fabulous way out of the starting gate.

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