It’s going to be a long time going but we’ve been weeding through over 800 photos from our shoot this past week here at HorseGirlTV Studios! I thought I’d share just a couple samples. It was just too much fun and Janice is awesome behind the camera making for a fun time!

I don’t remember what we were all looking at but it must have been something quite interesting!

This is definitely a Eddie Bauer/Gap moment of HorseGuyTV for sure. Zita’s not a bad model either. Tech style tee is by Draper Equine Therapy.

This was all Janice in a creative moment. I love the juxatposition! Chanel pearls with gown by Hanna Hartnell.

All American photo. HorseGuy in American Apparel and HorseGirl in Bebe psuedo cowgirl top (thanks Denise!), turquoise neck piece and Silver jeans. Of course this All-American photo wouldn’t be complete without the beautifully obedient Weimaraner.

Again, another nice evening gown shot juxaposed with the old hay barn!

Like I said, there’s MANY more but these were some of the ones that immediately popped to me! Janice you rock!!!