Okey so I’ve only posted a HorseGirlTV PR here one other time but this is equally as exciting as the show winning the USEF Best Broadcast Media Pegasus Award! My mare and I are going to train with Anky! Check it out!!!

HorseGirlTV’s Angelea To Train In Holland With Anky van Grunsven

HUBERT, Nc June 22, 2009 Tune in. Tack up. is taking it to the next level with a ramped up shooting schedule. HorseGirlTV’s production crew has been working overtime shooting the series so its host, Angelea Kelly and her Contucci mare Carrara, could fly to The Netherlands this fall to train with the best rider in the world, Anky van Grunsven at her stable in Erp. Ever the maven, Angelea has been given a unique opportunity as a high tech working student contributing her decade of IT experience to Anky’s online community, HorsUs (http://horsus.ning.com/).

“It’s an incredible opportunity to not only train with the absolute best and experience life in Holland but an honor to be able to work with the HorsUs team. Everything Sjef and Anky produce, whether it be horses, apparel or online technologies it is always top quality so I’m excited to be part of such an all encompassing, forward thinking project as HorsUs,” Angelea states. Grinning she adds, “There’s lots of developing components of HorsUs I’m not able to talk about right now but having worked with online technologies and social networking since 1998 I can certainly tell you HorsUs will fast become the ‘it’ place online for horse enthusiast from all walks of life.”

HorseGirlTV will continue to launch its series the 1st and 15th of every month but its shooting schedule will slow in the absence of the shows host. Maintaining its focus on the hi tech horse world, HorseGirlTV will be shooting a webisode on location in Erp at the HorsUs offices giving viewers a sneak peak of what it takes to produce such a high scale project. Moreover as a web celebrity, Angelea will be in great company as HorsUs will be host to many ambassadors of the sport like Anky van Grunsven, Tim Lips (2008 Ranked 3rd at Aachen in Eventing), Jeroen Dubbeldam (Olympic Show Jumping Champion of 2000) , Ijsbrand Chardon (Multiple World Champion 4-In-Hand-Driving) with many American ambassadors in the line up too.

“I am very happy Angelea is going to work with us on this project for me. We in Erp are glad to have her networking expertise,” commented Sjef Janssen.

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HorseGirlTV is an Internet series hosted by Angelea Kelly producing educational and entertaining webisodes. The goal at HorseGirlTV is to educate the equine community while simultaneous entertaining and educating kids, families and mainstream audiences exposing the wonderful world of horses to the world thus enriching and expanding our industry. HorseGirlTV is equine entertainment for the wired generation! Website address: www.horsegirltv.com.