To say I had a splendid time with the Draper Equine Therapy folks is an understatement of epic proportions! Kristin and Kat were AWESOME!!! They convinced me we should start the morning shoot with Waffle House instead of traditional craft services so we ventured out into the culturally sterile, Jacksonville. My, my what eclectic folks we have in NC!


Of course what would breakfast be without a side of mayo! Yes. I did try it but I have to say I’m not a fan of mayo with my breakfast egg sandwich. I’m a coffee snob but everyone once and a while I do enjoy a cup of truck stop love watered down morning Joe!


On to the shoot which we were so wrapped up in convo and setting shots that we didn’t do any production promo picts so… you’ll just have to wait for the webisode to launch to see the interview!

But then there was the tourist trip to seaside Swansboro for a late lunch, ice cream adventure and looking at all the trinkets you could possibly want. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a minimalist so shop after shop of trinkets and chotskis was my equivalent to a living hell on earth! BUT, I did tag along and thoroughly enjoyed Kat’s modeling ability for the über odd gift shop items.


All in all it was one of my more favorite connections with the shows guests! I love all my interviews but these gals were a complete hoot not to mention the technology behind their products is way cool and progressive!!

Finally, here’s a cute snap of Kristin and Kat aboard the ski chair in quaint Swansboro! Thanks for coming ladies! I had a blast and you should definitely come back if you can swing it!!! Next time tho, bring monkey and we’ll adorn him with some HorseGirlTV gear!