An otherwise quiet morning at the farm, watering the arena, feeding the horses and prepping for a morning ride was quickly halted when Zita and I walked back up to the house this morning only to notice the koi pond water slushing about WITH a red and back serpent attacking the koi. A long day and longer story later, the snake is still around as I found it while mowing this afternoon and he/she slithered UNDER the deck! I’m just being cautious cause it looked like a viper and NC is known for a plethora of venomous snakes!

I’ve since drained the koi pond with the help of a local fireman (thanks HVFD!!!!), given the remaining 6 out of the former 7 koi to the neighbors who have also said they would take the pond itself and just brought me 2.5 dozen fresh eggs!!

The dogs, horses and myself are unscathed by the whole thing although I’m still a bit shaken from a snake being sooooo close to the house!

Tomorrow?.. returning the 150′ of contractor hose I purchased yesterday that just happens to be the same color as the snake! Gotta love Lowes easy return policy for instances like this!

Here’s a picture of the snake…