HorseGirlTV is making a pretty strong name for itself. I just received an email from a fan who was wearing her HorseGirlTV t-shirt at a hunter/jumper show in the Pacific Northwest this past weekend and while riding around on her golf cart someone saw her tee and commented “Horsegirltv, I watch it all the time.” which to hear this is just too much fun and too flattering to me!

About a month ago some other HorseGirlTV fans were donning their t-shirts at the Wild Horse Expo out west. The mom and daughter pair were lucky enough to chat with horseman, Tommy Turvey, and talk about training. They emailed to tell me how awesome Tommy was and how down home and friendly he was and willing to simply chat with them. They also included this picture of them with Tommy while wearing their HorseGirlTV tees! Thanks ladies!!!!! This is simply fabulous!