An unconventional post yet a post filled with excitement. Excitement at the future of equine publishing and transparency in our industry!

HorseGirlTV has hit mainstream and it’s almost before the preverbal Photoshop ink has dried!!! We’re rocking the horse world to the MASSES right alongside snowboard, golf, surfing, and motorbikes!
While iTunes offers over 100,000 podcasts it features a mere 15 for different categories and HorseGirlTV is currently standing at 11 in the Sports & Rec Outdoors! Yah! The SPORTS CATEGORY people!!!! The category where content is fueled by the BILLIONS of dollars thrown to golf, motor-cross, skiing, extreme sports, racing and the like! 

Ah, yes!.. I hear the whimpers from the conglomerate distribution houses and old-school broadcasters who thought this whole podcasting bit was a fad! Yes! The future of entertainment is shifting power to indie podcasters.

Free the media with free media via video podcasting on iTunes!

If you haven’t subscribed to our iTunes channel, well, it’s FREE and we’re now officially cool for mainstreamers too so pass it around! Point your browsers to to check it out and subscribe. Yee-haw!

Ready to ride the trail to the summit of video podcasting with us? We have the tack and herd to make it happen so connect with me!

A big thanks to those of you that have supported me and this project from near the beginning! Have a glorious Tuesday and thanks for reading!

Good day and good riding!


angelea k.
ceo (chief equine officer)

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