Here’s a few photos of the weekend events at Gattis Manor over Memorial Weekend. Not so sadly, no images of the many tick experiences were captured.

“Brent there is a giant wasp in your bathroom.” No really this thing was half the size of the puny flyswatter the disbelieving Gattis came armed with.

Pee-On-EE… I think is how it’s pronounced. Huge flowers!

The MAGDRL Great Dane Rescue yard sale metal detector that detected the wrong types of metals. Hah! They each paid $1 for it plus batteries and had a bit of fun plus the $2 is going to a good cause. Thanks Matt and Courtney!

Nice t-shirt Brent!

Brent even felt safe enough to let me cut the “lawn” which was just way to much fun minus the low hanging tree branches.

And what would a weekend be if it didn’t somehow involve a partially or not-at-all operational vehicle? Note the chains are for pulling out the abandoned Saab from the woods.

“Abandoned Saab, meet John Deere.”

The removal of the Saab. What would life be without boys and their toys. 🙂