Happy New Year HorseGirlTV too! I received the sweetest email from Joewell! Yes, Joewell, the horse, this past Christmas Eve Day and I have to be honest, it bought more than one tear to my eye. I’m sooooo happy to see that Joewell (or Jo as I’ve come to know him) is happy with his new family down in SoCal. Jo is part of the Barrows family now and what an amazing family it seems like. As you can tell from the picture, there is no lack of doating on the old boy and from what I hear Joewell will ride out his Grand Prix years with this family and then retire with them! I don’t think he could have gone to a better new place and I’m happy things worked out as they have.

Joewell’s email to me received on Christmas Eve Day…
Hi Mom,
I love my new home, but they make me wear this silly hat! It’s alot warmer here, about 70 degrees every day. I’ve made lots of new friends. My favorites are a black lab named Daisy and a 5 month old colt named Cosmo. Elliot is pretty heavy, but I’m struggling through it. I’m going to get him to lose lots of weight. I’m going to be very happy here. I hope you and Ex are fine. I miss you. Merry Christmas.

Getting to be back in Oregon for the holidays was great! As a Texan by birth I have a love for the state and it’s proud people but I’ve always felt like I was going home every time I have returned to Oregon since I first moved out west years ago.

We are back home in Virginia now and I’m pretty excited to be interviewing the publisher of The Chronicle of the Horse tomorrow! I’ve heard Middleburg is lovely and the COTH is “THE” sport horse publication stateside so it’s an honor!