So this past weekend Sheryl with FITS was kind enough to invite HorseGirlTV to a trade show in Richmond. The event was quite well attended and we met some really nice folks. I was able to finally meet Patty Lasko (Dressage Today Editor) in person. It was great to connect with people in the industry and hear how cool they thought HorseGirlTV is. It was actually a pretty cool experience for Ex as out of all the people at the event, we ended up seated with some folks from Fredericksburg and her partner is a former Marine who involved in the Korean War. Pretty impressive!

Day two of our weekend excursion was at Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson. Needless to say the place was spectacular and the geography reminded me of the Williamette Valley (apart from the haze) which allowed for a bit of home sickness. The tour of TJ’s home was really interesting and his designs of the place pretty radical. My favorite in the house was the design of his bed (sorry no photos allowed in the house) but it was basically a archway enough for his bed to fit and one side his dressing room and the other his office. How brilliant I thought! That would be perfect for me. Hah! The carriage house and stables were situated under a walkway connected to the house and were quite cool as well. They were very old English in design and basically offered standing stalls rather than our traditional boxes. All and all it was a really relaxing and educational weekend.