More extra! More extra! More, read all about it. HorseGirlTV was featured in the Washington Post. The article has a few errors but it was really nice of Amy to write such a fun piece on HorseGirlTV! I’m pasting the article below in case you want to read it. It was in print and online. I haven’t seen the print version yet but they are sending me a couple copies via the post!

Here’s the article:

New Podcast Trotting Out News for the Horse World

Producer Finds Plenty Of Material in Virginia

By Amy Orndorff, Washington Post Staff Writer, July 29, 2007

Fox hunts. Polo. Horse races.

Perhaps not the first places you would check to see tech-savvy youths, but with a little help from Nokesville podcaster Angelea Kelly, Virginia’s equestrian sports are ready for the YouTube and MySpace generation.

“The idea was to take the horse world, which is a fairly classic community, and add a little MTV to it,” said Kelly, at the reins of HorseGirlTV.

The podcast focuses on all things related to horses, including modern-day cowboys and competitive riding. After producing her first six shows on the West Coast, Kelly moved to Nokesville to profile the mid-Atlantic horse scene.

“When you talk about horse country, you think Kentucky and Virginia,” Kelly said.

Her next podcast, which airs Wednesday on, explores the Prince William County police horse-mounted patrol. About twice a month, the unit of four officers makes the rounds in neighborhoods, mall parking lots, parks, special events and concerts at Nissan Pavilion.

The mounted unit is just a year old and First Sgt. Kim Chinn hopes the podcast will encourage more people, especially women, to join.

“It’s basically educational, and that appeals to us from a recruiting standpoint,” Chinn, the supervisor, said. “We are always trying to get women into the police force, and there are a lot of women in the horse community.”

Chinn led Kelly through a day in the life of a mounted officer, from patrolling the Manassas Mall to mingling with children in the Irongate community across from the shopping center. Children ran or rode their bikes for a chance to pet the horses.

“It took the ‘force’ out of law enforcement,” Kelly said, because officers on horseback often are seen as more approachable than those in cars.

Kelly, who was reared in the Lone Star State, is the granddaughter of a Texas cowboy and grew up fascinated by horses. Through mowing lawns and saving her allowance, she was able to buy her first pony for $75 when she was 10. Without telling her parents, Kelly saved enough to buy and take care of a horse by the time she was 17.

This same perseverance and entrepreneurship led her from an online-communities job at Yahoo to starting up HorseGirlTV. Although it’s a small operation — boyfriend , a Marine Officer, runs the camera — Kelly has still received positive feedback on iTunes, YouTube and MySpace.

Kelly, the ‘CEO’ (Chief Equine Officer), runs the show out of her Nokesville house with help from and her post production house, Jackhammer Films whom edits the videos and adds animation and music. Her next podcasts all will be locall: one on a bill that could affect horse transportation and another on the role horses play in Manassas battlefield reenactments.

“Virginia was a total attraction,” Kelly said. “This is a mecca for the horse world.”