…doesn’t always stay in Vegas as I sadly found out! A quick in and out to Las Vegas for the World Cup was awesome and polished off by an absolutley divine dinner at a restaurant not to be named at the Venetian. Post dinner we caught a limo back to the airport with a driver that was out of this world but (and this is my best guess) fit perfectly into Vegas lifestyle. It seems that his pastors partner was a multi-million dollar real estate developer in Vegas and that she did not give him a hard time about taking his fairs to strip clubs since he did get a bonus AND they have some telecommuted bible study on Thursday nights with their lead person at some University some where in the mid-West? Anyway… that was an uber-digression and you’d just had to be there to listen to this guy talk! It was a riot!

So… we get on the plane which is about 30 minutes late in departing and all get snuggled in for a quick flight back up to Medford. It is a red-eye flight after all so we’re gonna get a quick nap. I wake before landing realizing I’m locating the bag in the “seatback pocket in front of you” just to make sure I know where it is “in case” and marvel that I might actually have motion sickness on a plane. It’s never happened before I think. I must just be really tired and worn out from a quick and fast paced weekend. Long story short, we de-board, get to the car and I’m still feeling nauseous but thinking the fresh air will fix me right up. We get ALMOST back to the farm went it hits me and I MUST roll down the window and “let go” out the window WHILE the car is moving. For this I feel horrible as the side of his the car was a mess. Sorry! To shorten it even more, I get sick all night long, run a pretty high fever all the next day where Debra is so kind as to bring me meds and soup! Thanks Debra! I’m too weak to be upset about not being able to work on HorseGirlTV (the release party is the next night) and sleep through the night to wake drained but with a broken fever!

TO WRAP… It’s a new rule of thumb for me now to never eat seafood (no matter how fine dining it is) over 100 miles from the ocean! I proved the saying wrong… What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas, especially if your flight if followed by a meal of tasty yet probably too rare scallops!

Oh and the cute picture has nothing to do with the story! More on the World Cup to follow!