New Year, New Adult Novel, New Face For HorseGirlTV®!

New Year, New Adult Novel, New Face For HorseGirlTV®!

New Year, New Adult Novel, New Face For HorseGirlTV®!

As I said a quiet good bye to 2015 here at the farm and welcomed the New Year, I thought back to the changes in the new media landscape since first launching HorseGirlTV® back in 2007.

VR is finally making a comeback and perhaps the world is ready to make it a success this time around? Every Tom, Dick, and Jane has a YouTube channel and Vines are simply sooooo 2013! Social media has made web celebrities out of everyone (at least in our own minds that is, right?). As frightening as it may be, the Millennials are looking to take Silicon Valley by storm, yet with a very different ideology than we did as Generation X. Video killed the radio star, the Internet gave birth to desktop streaming, and now vertical view has killed the desktop star (not to be confused with the Near Death Star). As bandwidth increased, our physical window into the world grew smaller and smaller. Optometrists abound! Spectacles for everyone to read the fine print! Standard def is unheard of these days. What? All of us are not running on 5k retina now? Ok so that’s tongue in cheek but it’s almost true! Grumpy cat memes aside, quality content remains king. The more things change, the more they stay the same kept replaying in my head.

So what exactly does the aforementioned, perhaps seemingly nonsensical, rant have to do with HorseGirlTV? Elementary my dear Watson (Holmes never said that BTW)! HorseGirlTV was born from a desire to bring education to the wired generation in an entertaining and short format kinda way. The wires have been cut! There are no strings on me!

Wired. Wireless. Desktop. Vertical view.

It’s been such a wild ride these last 9 years and I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. The best part of HorseGirlTV? Well… it’s still Picollo!

Those of you long term HorseGirlTV fans know that we “fix up” the site with something new every year or two so we’ll soon be launching the new face for 2016 (it’s a biggie!) AND I hope you enjoy it! There’s new content coming, I’ll be writing regularly again, AND it’s also my personal resolution to complete my New Adult novel which I’m a 1/3 of the way into. Fiction you say?… It’s love, lies, and betrayal. You know a typical day both in and out of the dressage court. I’m looking forward for you to meet Jess soon!

Best wishes to everyone who’s reading this for a successful, happy, healthy, and fun-filled 2016! Cheers! ♥ Angelea Kelly

Photo Cefalù Sicily, May 2015. A fittingly tremendous sunset to a truly fairy tale day!Sicily May 2015

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Angelea founded HorseGirlTV® in 2007 and is the producer of the equibarre fitness workout. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. HorseGirlTV is where horse bits and computer bytes meet!